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RCD Testing

Perth Testing and Tagging proudly extends a comprehensive service for RCD Testing (Residual Current Device) testing and maintenance. It is important to note that RCDs are sometimes referred to by alternative names, including Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers (ELCB) or Safety Switches. Our commitment to electrical safety encompasses a thorough approach to ensure that these critical safety devices are operating optimally, irrespective of the nomenclature used.

Residual Current Device - Explained

An RCD (Residual Current Device) serves as a vital electrical safety mechanism, meticulously engineered to promptly deactivate electrical power when it detects an unsafe level of electricity “leaking” to the earth. This rapid response is critical for safeguarding individuals using electrical equipment and provides a high degree of protection against electric shock. It’s important to note that traditional fuses or overcurrent circuit breakers do not offer the same level of personal protection in cases involving current flow to the earth.


Beyond personal protection, RCDs offer another substantial advantage—they significantly reduce the risk of electrical fires by identifying and responding to electrical leakage within wiring and accessories.


RCDs function based on the fundamental principle that “what goes in must come out.” They continuously monitor the flow of current in both the Active (supply) and Neutral (return) conductors within an electrical circuit. Designed to respond within a mere 10 to 50 milliseconds, RCDs promptly disconnect the electricity supply upon detecting any hazardous leakage, ensuring a swift and effective response to electrical safety threats.

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