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Microwave Leakage Testing

Perth Testing and Tagging is committed to ensuring workplace safety and compliance with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZ 3350 for Microwave Leakage Testing. Using specialized and calibrated equipment, we meticulously check for potential radiation leakages from microwave ovens, focusing on doors and seals where emissions may occur.


Our dedication to safety is underscored by the formal statement, emphasizing the potential health risks associated with invisible radiation leakages. We adhere to the Australian Standard, which specifies that microwave leakage at any point 50mm or more from the appliance’s external surface should not exceed 50W/m2 (5mW/cm2), as outlined in AS/NZ 60335.2.25 (AS/NZ 3350.2.25).


The Australian Standard aims to prevent adverse health effects caused by excessive microwave exposure, such as deep tissue burns and hypothermia, by limiting exposure levels below those inducing heating. This standard applies to microwave ovens designed for domestic use, even if utilized in a workplace setting.



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