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Fire Safety Equipment Testing

“Fire safety equipment testing” is the critical evaluation of various fire safety systems to confirm their proper functioning during emergencies. This includes inspecting and testing fire extinguishers, alarm systems, sprinklers, emergency lighting, fire hose reels, suppression systems, and assessing fire doors and dampers.


For fire extinguishers, we ensure they are fully charged and ready for use. Fire alarm systems, including smoke and heat detectors, alarm panels, and notification devices, are tested for proper operation. Sprinkler systems are evaluated to ensure they activate in response to a fire. Emergency lighting systems are tested to provide illumination during power outages, and fire hose reels are checked for effective water delivery. Specialized fire suppression systems, such as kitchen fire suppression, are also evaluated.


Regular testing is crucial to maintaining a safe environment, preventing or mitigating the impact of fires, and complying with fire safety standards. Our company specializes in hassle-free fire safety testing, offering scheduled maintenance for various fire equipment. With our service agreements, we handle your fire safety obligations, allowing you to focus on your business. We also provide comprehensive fire safety training courses and conduct audits in accordance with AS2444. Contact us today to prioritize your fire safety needs.

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